Technical documentation

Operating manual «Promix-SM101» EN (download)

Promix-SM102 EN Operating Manual (download)

3D model of a normally open lock .STEP  (download)

3D model of a normally open lock with sensor .STEP (download)

3D model of a normally closed lock .STEP  (download)


Promix-SM104 Operating Manual EN (download)

3D-model of the lock without .STEP sensor  (download)


Promix-SM131 EN Operating Manual (download)

3D model of Promix-SM131.0x-00 .IGS lock  (download)

3D model of Promix-SM131.1x-00 .IGS lock  (download)

3D model of Promix-SM131.0x-01 .IGS lock  (download)

3D model of Promix-SM131.1x-01 .IGS lock  (download)

Operating manual EN (download)

3D-model of the lock SM203  .STEP   (download)


Promix-AD.KM.01 Operating manual EN (download)

Template (download)

Promix-SM305 Operating Manual EN  (download)

3D-model of .STEP lock (download)

3D-model of .STEP lock deadbolt (download)

Promix-SM306 Operating Manual EN (download)

Promix-SM307 lock testing software (download)

Promix-SM308 Operating Manual EN (download)

3D-model of lock and deadbolt Promix-SM308.STEP (скачать)

Promix-SM420 EN Operating Manual (download)

Promix-SM490 Operating Manual EN (download)

3D model of Promix-SM490 .STEP lock  (download)


Promix-SM491 Operating Manual EN (download)

3D model of Promix-SM491 .STEP lock  (download)

3D-model of .STEP deadbolt  (download)

SHERIFF-9.1 Operating Manual EN (download)

Promix-SM492 Operating Manual EN (download)

3D model of Promix-SM492 .STEP lock  (скачать)

3D-model of .STEP deadbolt  (скачать)


Promix-SM493 Operating manual EN (download)

3D-model of .STEP lock  (download)

We will be glad to see you as a client of Promix Engineering and Production Center
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Promix sm213 street variant
Promix sm112 for retail space furniture


The quality management system applied to design and development, production and delivery of electromechanical locks, control and management devices complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.



We are pleased to announce that our company has received a new patent for the method of blocking switching of electrical installations and the device for its implementation. 



We celebrate 16 years since the foundation of our company!


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