Price list for Promix equipment

Our company has a flexible pricing policy and individual approach to every client. Product prices may vary in different countries. This is due to the peculiarities of export procedures and the different amount of overhead costs, such as amount of import duties, transportation costs,  amount of VAT in the country of export and other custom taxes.

The equipment can be purchased directly from our distributors.

For actual prices please contact our distributor in your country of presence.

If you can't find any Promix distributor in your country please feel free to contact our managers for more detailed information on price, availability and export options.


We will be glad to see you as a client of Promix Engineering and Production Center
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If you have any questions, you can contact a Promix manager by + 7 (4812) 619-330
You can also leave a request using the feedback form
Promix sm213 street variant
Promix sm112 for retail space furniture
Official Distributor on Middle East market!!!



We are delighted to announce a new partnership with one of the leading distributor of the security products on the Middle East market - MTP Distribution! Please feel free to contact.


Exclusive Distributor in Moldova!


We are happy to introduce our Exclusive Distributor in Republic of Moldova.
Industrial Communications SRL
+373 68643575


We are delighted to announce that another distribution agreement was reached.
Please meet our Exclusive Distributor in Portugal - ND SEGUR!!!


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