Electromechanical lock with remote control

Electromechanical lock for chest freezer with sliding doors. Built-in radio remote controller, door position sensor, lock jamming sensor, emergency opening function.

Promix-SM410 - photo - 2
Promix-SM410 - photo - 2 Promix-SM410 - photo - 1
Power supply voltage: 12V
Holding force: not less than 150 kg
Version: T-trigger type (no supply voltage remains in current state)
Electric current consumption: less than 200 mA
Built-in door sensor (door open or closed)

Electromechanical lock for chest freezer with sliding doors. Built-in radio remote controller, door position sensor, lock jamming sensor, emergency opening function.


Promix-SM410 electromechanical lock for freezer chests is designed for installation on chests with straight and curved doors. The lock consists of two parts: the blocker installed on the profile of the chest “crown”, and the deadbolt installed on the door in the regular hole in the glass. There is no mechanical connection between the deadbolt and the blocker (there is an air gap between them). 

The lock blocker contains the electro-mechanical device controlling the position of the locking rod of the deadbolt, the controller, the sensor of the closed door position of the chest, light and sound indicators of operating modes of the lock.

The controller provides the following modes: opening the lock by the signal of the key fob within a specified time; closing the lock at the closed position of both doors; programming numbers for up to seven key fobs; programming the time of the open state; programming the volume level of the audio signal; setting the constantly open door mode.

Principle of operation

When Promix-CR.TX.01

key fob transmits a unique code by touching a button, the controller receives the transmitted code, and, if the code matches the one programmed in the memory of the controller, the lock is opened, which is accompanied by: raising the deadbolt rod; continuous audio signal; continuous glow of the green led. When opening the lock, in case of jamming of the deadbolt rod by the doors of the chest, the controller gives an intermittent audio signal and alternately turns on the green and red led colors.
After the time of the open state of the lock epires, the lock enters the mode of closing the doors with the deadbolt rod. If the doors of the chest are not closed, the controller emits a repeated short audio signal accompanied by alternating green and red led colors continued until the doors are closed.
If you hold the key fob button for 7 seconds, the controller emits three single audio signals, notifying the controller to enter the mode of the constantly open state of the lock. The lock opens, the led shines green, then the lock emits a single audio signal every 15 seconds.
The time of operation of the lock in this mode is not limited. To exit the mode, press the key fob button. In this case, the controller will close the lock according to the above algorithm.
The code of each key fob can be recorded to any number of controllers. You can record up to 7 key fob codes in one controller. 
The lock has 4 levels of volume of built-in buzzer: loud, medium, quiet, silent. 
The lock is equipped with a manual opening mechanism, which is designed to open the chest in the absence of supply voltage or in an emergency.

Package contents:

1. Lock
2. Promix-CR.TX.01 key fob
3. Assembled deadbolt
4. Bump
5. Power cable (2.2 m)


Designation of the lock model:

Promix-SM410.XY.D-ZZ color,   where:


X - lock version:

2 - trigger

Y - nominal supply voltage:

0 - 12 V 

D - availability of built-in sensors: 

1 - built-in door position sensor

ZZ - version

00 (n/a) - for Caravell chests

U1 - for UBC chests

color - body color: red, 


The modifications of locks available for order are shown in the table (see colors above):

Lock model  Description

Trigger type, 12V supply voltage, built-in door position sensor, for Caravell chests


Trigger type, 12V supply voltage, built-in door position sensor, for UBC chests


3D-model of the Promix-SM410 (Caravell).STEP (download)

Photos and videos

Installation and operation of the Promix-SM410 electronic lock 


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New patent has been obtained!


We got another patent for electromechanical lock with flexible steel deadbolt Promix-SM325.


This lock is used to secure electric scooters operating in Kicksharing (rental)

New Official Distributor in UK!!!


We are thrilled to introduce our new Official Distributor in United Kingdom - Electric Locking Systems LTD!!!
Happy to be presented on the UK market and bring Promix products to british customers.


New patent has been obtained!


Happy to announce that our company got approval of the new patent for electromechanical locking of the battery compartment of electric scooter.
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