Narrow electromechanical rim lock

Designed to be used as an actuator device as part of the access control system (ACS) for locking the doors of offices and administrative premises with a width of the rabbet ledge of the doorframe more than 25 mm.

Promix-SM306 - photo - 45
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Power supply voltage: 12V
Holding force: not less than 300 kg
Electric current consumption: less than 100mA
Normally open (NO - open without supply voltage), or normally closed (NC - closed without supply voltage) version
Different body colors

Designed to be used as an actuator device as part of the access control system (ACS) for locking the doors of offices and administrative premises with a width of the rabbet ledge of the doorframe more than 25 mm.


“Promix-SM306” is the new name of the “Sheriff-6” series of locks.

The lock is installed in any place on the rebate ledge of the door, the deadbolt is installed in the door.

When the door is closed, the deadbolt enters the lock and is locked with a hook-grip.

The possibility of mechanical unlocking is provided for emergency opening of the lock.

The design provides adjustment of the deadbolt in the horizontal plane.

The lock can be installed on street doors provided that most of the winter time the supply voltage is applied to the lock.


Lock connection options 

(power voltage can be applied to the lock by a switch, intercom, controller, etc.)



Designation of the lock model:

Promix-SM306.XY color,   where:


X - lock version: 

0 - Normally open, 
1 - Normally closed;

Y - nominal supply voltage:

0 - 12 В 

color - body color: white, 


The modifications of locks available for order are shown in the table (see colors above):

Lock model  Description

Normally open (opens when supply voltage is removed),
supply voltage 12V



Normally closed (opens when supply voltage is applied),
supply voltage 12V


  • Narrow compact body of the lock;
  • Extremely simple installation;
  • Possibility of mortise or rim mounting of the deadbolt;
  • The lock is installed in the area of the door handle – the door will not be skewed during operation;
  • The deadbolt and parts of the lock mechanism have anti-corrosion coating (C6, H9);
  • Does not require maintenance and lubrication for the entire period of operation.

Package contents

  • Electromechanical lock — 1 PC.
  • Assembled deadbolt — 1 PC.
  • Wood screw 3.5х30 for the lock mounting — 4 PC.
  • Deadbolt mounting kit — 2 PCs.
  • Operating Manual — 1 PC.
  • Marking template — 1PC.


Technical characteristics

  • Holding force: at least 300 kg
  • DC supply voltage: 10-14V
  • Input current (at 12V): 100 мА
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Cable length: 0.3m



Promix-SM306 Operating Manual EN (download)

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