The SMALLEST* electromechanical mini lock

Electromechanical mini lock.


Promix-SM132 - photo - 38


The smallest* electromechanical mini lock Designed for mortise installation. The deadbolt is spring-loaded with adjustable rod length.


The modifications of locks available for order are shown in the table (see colors above):

Lock model  Description

Normally closed (opens when supply voltage is applied),

supply voltage 12V

* the smallest Promix mini lock.

Technical characteristics

  • Deadbolt holding force: 100 kg
  • Power supply voltage: DC 11-14V
  • Input current (at 12V): 0.1А
  • Length of cable for connection: 0.1m

Version: normally closed.

Operating conditions:

  • ambient temperature: -40 to +50 °C,
  • relative humidity: not more than 95% at 35°C and lower temperatures without condensation and hoar frost formation.



Promix-SM132 EN Operating Manual (download)

3D-model of Promix-SM132.STEP (download)

Photos and videos

3D model of Promix-SM132 lock  (download)

3D model of Promix-SM132 lock deadbolt  (download)

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