Locks for lockers in changing rooms

The old, good gyms in the basement have been replaced by fashionable and spacious fitness clubs with exclusive personal service, able to satisfy the most sophisticated customers. Not only you can tighten your body there, lie by the pool and have a tasty snack, but also make new useful and pleasant acquaintances.

In addition to a list of preferences, owners of club cards receive personal lockers, where they can securely store personal belongings. It is important that the locks of lockers in the changing room are reliable and convenient. Then the client of the gym will be able to do sports without worrying about the safety of things.

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Universal electromechanical mini lock
Promix-SM102 - photo - 50

The only electromechanical mini lock on the market.

Due to the unique ratio of the overall dimensions, holding force, electric current consumption, and universal fastening, the lock can be used in many areas.


Electromechanical lock with pusher
Promix-SM104 - photo - 42

Electromechanical lock, which:

  • pushes (“outshoots”) the deadbolt when opening, which leads to “opening” of the door;
  • works even when an external opening force is applied to it (e.g. pulling the door handle)


Electromechanical lock with pusher and door position sensor
Promix-SM308 - photo - 50

Designed to restrict access to luggage lockers (parcel automats), drawers for storage of documents, lockers in locker rooms of fitness clubs, schools, enterprises, with the possibility of their remote opening.



Electromechanical lock for parcel automat (with pusher, door position and lock status sensors)
Promix-SM309 - photo - 31

Designed to restrict access to luggage lockers (parcel automats) with the possibility of remote opening by applying supply voltage or mechanical emergency opening.


Electromechanical lock for retail space furniture
Promix-SM112 - photo - 35

Mini lock designed to restrict access to various retail space furniture: showcases made of chipboard and aluminum profile with one or two swing glass doors, cabinets and drawers of counters.



Electromechanical lock with pusher and sensors
Promix-SM323 - photo - 16

Designed to restrict access to luggage lockers (parcel automats), drawers for storage of documents, lockers in locker rooms of fitness clubs, schools, enterprises, with the possibility of their remote opening.



LED indicator "Green arrow - Red cross"
Promix-VI.LED.01 - photo - 7
It is used in access control and management systems. Designed to indicate the state of the passage or the occupancy of the room.

Features of locker locks in the fitness center

Electronic locks for gym lockers is the most convenient solution. We offer mechanisms of the following models for sports lockers:

  • Promix-SM308
  • Promix-SM104

Pusher and door position sensor

These electromechanical locks have a pusher and a door position sensor. When receiving a signal to open, the mechanism opens and pushes the door, opening it slightly. So you can immediately see that the locker is open, the handle is not required. The door position sensor allows the administrator to see which locker is open and to control unauthorized access (snapping). The difference between the models is in the shape and in the initial pushing force.

Both locks are normally closed and have low current consumption during opening.

Small size and flat shape

The SM104 lock for fitness locker is more compact and hidden, while the SM308 model has a rectangular shape. The small size, flat shape and various colors of the Promix-SM308 lock case make it possible to mount this locking device in any locker in the changing room, regardless of design and color. Any model will be suitable for furniture made of metal, wood or wood-containing materials such as laminated chipboard.

Thanks to the compact size of Promix-SM104, installation will take a few minutes, this lock can be installed in lockers made of wood and metal.

No built-in reader

An important feature of our locks is the fact that they do not have a built-in reader. Most locks with individual readers work offline, so you can not get information about opening, closing or snapping the locker. They can be connected to the Promix-Locker group management network system. You can add as many club card readers (or wristbands) as you want. There are many options for equipping the premises depending on the requirements, convenience and budget. A popular one is the installation of one club card reader at the entrance to the changing room. Then, when using the card, the client will see which locker has opened. It is also possible to install one reader per section. This parameter is discussed during the system design stage.

The network allows to see the status of lockers in real time. It is also possible to install a network message indicator with the ability to display additional information for the client — the time of visit, information about the client’s locker and other information.

Promix-Locker system for locks of lockers in changing rooms

If you use electromechanical locks in lockers in the changing room, it is most convenient to monitor their status and centrally monitor their operation through the Promix-Locker network system.

Locker doors in fitness clubs, swimming pools, sports and wellness centers are equipped with Promix-SM104 or Promix-SM308 locks. To control them, Promix-CN.PR.08 peripheral controllers connected to the control server are used. The system can be integrated with «1C: Enterprise 8. Fitness club». So you can centrally manage the locking mechanisms to ensure that there were no violations, and control access by special cards and wristbands.

The use of a centralized complex and a properly selected electromechanical locking device will provide good protection against theft. To find out the price and buy locks for lockers for the changing room of your fitness center, gym, swimming pool, leave a request on the website. Our managers will draft the locking system and calculate the estimate.
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Promix sm213 street variant
Promix sm112 for retail space furniture
New patent has been obtained!


We got another patent for electromechanical lock with flexible steel deadbolt Promix-SM325.


This lock is used to secure electric scooters operating in Kicksharing (rental)

New Official Distributor in UK!!!


We are thrilled to introduce our new Official Distributor in United Kingdom - Electric Locking Systems LTD!!!
Happy to be presented on the UK market and bring Promix products to british customers.


New patent has been obtained!


Happy to announce that our company got approval of the new patent for electromechanical locking of the battery compartment of electric scooter.
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