Electromechanical locks for refrigerated cabinets and showcases

Electronic lock is an electromechanical lock with a remote control system (remote control unit) and a power supply unit. Electromechanical lock consists of three parts: lock, deadbolt and mounting brackets.

Lock is a mechanism, which blocks the movement of the mate part of the lock (deadbolt), when the supply voltage is applied (or removed). Locks can have various designs and principles of action, and in general are attached to the surface by means of brackets.

Locks are available in two versions: normally open and normally closed.

  • The normally open lock fixes the deadbolt when the supply voltage is applied and releases it when the supply voltage is removed.
  • The normally closed lock fixes the deadbolt when the supply voltage is removed and releases it when the supply voltage is applied.

Deadbolt is the mating part of the lock. As a rule, it is installed on the movable part of the locked structure (door, box, etc.).

Remote control of electronic locks on refrigerated cabinets and showcases


  • Remote control system (remote control unit) is designed for remote control of the electromechanical lock by means of a radio remote control.
  • Power supply unit is designed to supply voltage to the remote control unit and the electromechanical lock.


The remote control system and the power supply unit are available both in separate cases and combined in one case. To remotely control the lock, press the button on the remote control. The range of the remote control is 50 meters.

scheme of electromechanical lock with remote control

In the simplest case, a conventional switch can be installed instead of the remote control unit (see Fig. below). The lock is controlled by the switch that can be set to apply/remove the supply voltage to the lock. This option is often used to control the locks of refrigerators at retail outlets, where the staff is constantly remaining in one place (for example, a kiosk). In this case, the power supply unit and the switch are installed at the workplace of the personnel, and the control wire is laid to the lock installed in the refrigerated cabinet.

scheme of electromechanical lock with conventional switch


Possible coating options for locks and brackets: zinc with chromate treatment (“yellow zinc”), zinc without chromate treatment (“white zinc”), chrome plating, powder polyester or epoxy polyester enamel (color and structure — as agreed).

In addition to the product range presented on the website, PROMIX Engineering and Production Center can in a short time develop and manufacture electromechanical locks and control systems according to the technical requirements of the Customer.

For more information, please visit our main website.

Remote control system
Promix-RDS.01 - photo - 6
It is intended for radio remote control of an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock (latch) or other actuating devices.
Built-in power supply 12V, 1.5 A. Easy connection: plug the controller into a 220V outlet, connect the lock to the terminal contacts of the controller.
LED indicator "Green arrow - Red cross"
Promix-VI.LED.01 - photo - 7
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Promix sm213 street variant
Promix sm112 for retail space furniture
New patent has been obtained!


We got another patent for electromechanical lock with flexible steel deadbolt Promix-SM325.


This lock is used to secure electric scooters operating in Kicksharing (rental)

New Official Distributor in UK!!!


We are thrilled to introduce our new Official Distributor in United Kingdom - Electric Locking Systems LTD!!!
Happy to be presented on the UK market and bring Promix products to british customers.


New patent has been obtained!


Happy to announce that our company got approval of the new patent for electromechanical locking of the battery compartment of electric scooter.
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