Electromechanical locks for doors

Universal electromechanical lock for double-door refrigerator (set)
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Designed for installation on double-door refrigerators FVS1000, FVS1200, NS1300, S122 (with AL doors), Inter 1250, Polair 1200, UBC Super Large and other commercial refrigerators

Universal electromechanical lock for single-door refrigerator (set)
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Designed for installation on single-door refrigerators FRIGOREX FV 500, FV 650, ACTIVATOR 500, 700, NORCOOL Super 600, 7, 76, S 76, Super 8, Ecocool 8, Finesse 600, CMV 750, COLDWELL СS 450, C 450 SL, HELKAMA C5G, POLAIR DM105-S (-G) (SHX-0,5 DS), DM107-S (-G) (SHX-0,7 ДС), INTER 390T, 400T, 500T, 501T, 550T, 570T, 750T, 770T, UBC Ice Stream Medium, Optima, Dynamic and other commercial refrigerators

It is difficult to imagine life without electronic devices. They are increasingly becoming the custom and getting more affordable. Some of these devices are electromechanical locks.

The device is so named because of the use of supplying or removing the supply voltage to open and close the lock. The power supply voltage can be supplied by various controllers of the access control system, video phones, code entry pads and just an ordinary switch.

The areas of application of electromechanical locks is quite extensive. The lock helps to limit the entry of those who do not have the right to do so. Locks are actively used on various entrance and interior doors, gates, wickets and other similar access areas. You can find electromechanical locks even in cars, elevators and cabinets. Refrigerators with remote door control in many stores is also a variant of the use of electromechanical locks.

PROMIX offers you to get acquainted with its own range of electromechanical locks. 

Our products are used in different fields. In addition to traditional uses, locks are installed on:

  • freight and passenger elevator doors;
  • lockers in fitness centers, water parks and other places;
  • at power plants, including nuclear power plants;
  • in telecommunication cabinets and panels with electrical equipment;
  • terminals and ATMs.


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