Promix-FRS.2D. 01

Universal electromechanical lock for double-door refrigerator (set)

Designed for installation on double-door refrigerators FVS1000, FVS1200, NS1300, S122 (with AL doors), Inter 1250, Polair 1200, UBC Super Large and other commercial refrigerators

Promix-FRS.2D. 01 - photo - 32


Electromechanical lock with key fob.

Package contents:

  1. Promix-SM131.10 electromechanical lock - 2 PC;
  2. Promix-AD.BR.07 bracket - 2 PC;
  3. Promix-AD.DB.12 deadbolt - 2 PC;
  4. Self-adhesive rubber seal (6 cm) - 4 PCs;
  5. Promix-CR.RX.02 controller - 1 PC.
  6. Promix-CR.TX.01 key fob - 1 PC.
  7. Counterweight cord extension cord (0.9 m) - 2 PCs;
  8. Installation manual - 1 PC.

Technical characteristics

Climatic operating conditions:

- resistance to climatic factors according to GOST 15150-69: UHL4,

- ambient temperature: -30 to +50 °C,

- - relative humidity: 80% at +25°C and lower temperatures without

condensation and hoar frost formation.

Promix-CR.RX.02 controller parameters

Controller supply voltage, V (50Hz)


Supply voltage of actuator, V (DC)


Rated load current , А, maximum


Maximum load current (protection trip current), A, max


Operating frequency, MHz


Range with Promix-CR.TX.01 (line of sight), m, min


Sensitivity, mkV


Memory capacity of key fobs


Actuator control time, s



Parameters of Promix-CR.TX.01 key fob

Output power, mW, maximum


Length of the code transmission, bytes


Number of code combinations



Battery supply voltage (type 23A), V


Current consumption when the button is pressed, mA, maximum




Photos and videos

1.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника 1.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника 1.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника 4.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника 5.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника 6.Установка замка для двудверного холодильника

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